Live, Laugh, Love...

Live, Laugh, Love...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Feeling a call to Report...

 Some of the things that took place this year...
Marisol Baby Blessing

Our summer cool down
Amoz Baptism 
Amoz First year of Football Lakeside Warriors

Jade Dance class She's the one looking at the camera in the middle.,

Practice.. Practice.. Practice...

my little mermaid

My first Fishy

Always the comedian

Teeth Lost and Found

Well, these are just a few of the things that happened in the past months,  I'm  not gonna try and fill in everything from the years since the last post, like the atonement i'll ask for forgiveness and start afresh with my goals in mind and my hopes high.

We have been living out in plummer now for 2 years.   That's crazy to think about.  We are still slowly working on the house and have just reached a pretty good milestone,  Linda's (Isaiah's mother) room was finished, it is sheet rocked and painted with wiring and a light fixture.  Yay!  Also, we have almost finished the main floor public areas with sheet rock, mud and tape and texture.  We hope to do paint this week.  I'll put pics on later to show the transition.   We've been awfully busy this year, but I think we have all the firewood in, thanks to a wonderful neighbor and friend in our church branch. We have almost finished our porch, we have poured more rock on our driveway to get ready for the winter, thanks to my family for their help in those projects. Pictures soon to come.   We also started homeschooling our children this year, after some bumps in the road I think we're finally getting in the groove of it.  Well, I think that's all for right now, I don't want to do to much today I might not do it tomorrow otherwise.  Check back for more news and photos.  lots of love goes out to our  friends and family that we don't seem to get to see very often. later!