Live, Laugh, Love...

Live, Laugh, Love...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the skinny

Well i'm calling it the skinny cause that's how much I know.  But here it is. 
    Dad Estes is going to have a triple bipass on july 26 in seattle WA.  His recovery will be about 7 days in the hospital and then he can come home and do as little as possible for 3 months.  no shooting no fishing, no manual labor.  just resting and getting better.   I guess he has been okayed to travel to Utah in Sept for Mollies Wedding.  Which they delayed for a month so Mom and Dad could go.  Peggy and her hubby are coming to see mom and dad and mollie and val and their family are also coming. I think this weekend.  Sandra left last tuesday, we miss her already.  So..... that's the skinny.  As far as I know it.  I reserve the right to correct myself at a later date. ;-)

So Yesterday we finally poured and stamped the patio in the back yard.  Well, Isaiah and Dad did, don't worry dad took it easy.  It looks pretty good, although i wish it was colored already, we have to wait 28 days to color it.  Isaiah was sick and still did it.  He's such an awesome guy!   He's still sick today and he went to work, and will do more work when he gets home.  I don't know how he does it.   Jade is sick with some sort of fever, and throwing up illness.  Amoz is healthy and busy being a big "little" boy.  I am also feeling under the weather, but am slowly getting better day by day.  I am mostly tired and nauseous, with a few cold symtoms.  I think it's cause i haven't been sleeping well lately.  The last week of nights has been pretty rough on me and Isaiah, i don't know why. 
     Amoz has been trying to be a helful big brother to Jade today and for the most part jade is being ornery to him, but they're trying and that make me feel good that they love eachother enough to try and get along.  well i'm done for today.  we'll catch ya another day on " THE SKINNY!"  J/k
i know i'm a weirdo.