Live, Laugh, Love...

Live, Laugh, Love...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Better Late than Never

   Well, we made it to Utah safe and sound and ..... a little bit squished.  I would have written yesterday (Dec. 17 2009) but I was busy Wednesday Night getting ready to get ready to leave, went to bed at around 4:30am.  My lovely children woke me up at 8:00am, and I started to pack and get things in order.  (Procrastinate much?)  I was surprisingly alert though, for not much sleep.  Mitch came over at 9:30am and helped with the kids and my brain power.(Mind you we planned to leave at 10am).  So I got things together, remembered a lot of important things and we got packed and left at 11:30am.  A little late but I was sure I didn't forget anything so it was worth it.  We figured we'd eat driving out of town, but town after town passed and we still hadn't eaten, we were eating snacks in the car and the kids were really getting hungry. We passed kellogg.  Still waiting........ We didn't eat till we got to Missoula, MT.  Wow that was a long time.  Nearly 3 hrs.  After that it was a lot easier, even though we were crammed in the honda we moved things around like sitting Amoz on his bag so he wasn't squished by it and also put him higher since his car seat mysteriously didn't get put in the car.  (I really don't know how I forgot that it was in the Truck... with Isaiah..... in WA).  He was happier though.  Then we put on movies with our handy little dvd player we got over the holidays on Black Friday.  (first time i've ever shopped that day)  That thing was/is a lifesaver the kids were zoned and then Jade zonked 20 min in.  Amoz forced himself awake for a while, but I got worried he was watching tv too much so I took it away.  30 min later, he zonked and they were out for at least 3-4 hrs.  I got a nap in too, though not as restful as theirs. 
    Mitch drove most of the way.  I helped a little when we went through a weird on and off again snow drift at the top of lo lo pass and had already gone through a lot of fog.  I went till we got to the last rest stop in Idaho.  At that point the lack of sleep was catching up to me.  I pulled over to stretch but when I sat in the passenger seat I realized just how tired I was.   Poor Mitch had more fog she had to go through after we got into Utah but she was a lot more confident than before.  All in all the roads were dry, and no bad weather other than fog, the snow drift and a 5 min rain when we came off 4th of july pass, and no car trouble.   We were extremely blessed.  
   It was still a long trip though, it seemed so much longer than ones before.  I'm not sure why.  We finally pulled into the driveway at 1:30 am after a 14 hr trip the kids were asleep and we were glad to be home.  We got the kids in, unloaded and when that was done, Dad had waken up to see the kids, Rebecca had waited up for us and Mom got home from her visit right after we got there, so it became a party.  The kids were so excited to see everyone and visa versa.  We ate something, talked and at 3:30am finally went to bed. 

   Today, (Friday, Dec 18)  I got to sleep in.   That was sooo..... Nice!  Thanks to my Wonderful Mother.  She took care of Jade when she woke up and Amoz too after Jade woke him up.  They played a little first then they had oatmeal with all kinds of goodies.  All kinds of fruit and sugar and even some sprinkles.  (Which I have no doubt they were excited about. ) 
   I didn't wake up till 10 or 10:30am I'm not exactly sure but it had a 10 at the beginning anyways.  I  chatted with mom and the kids, Becca wasn't upstairs yet and Mitch went to see about getting her old job back at the Daycare.  I love talking with Mom.  It's good to have her to talk to face to face.   Instead of on the phone. 
   (Sidenote: It felt so good to take a shower this morning not sure why but who cares it was Awesome).   At around noon I decided to go to the store, but ate first since I hadn't eaten yet.  Becca came upstairs and I asked her if she'd join me. She said she would but she vacuumed out her car before we went,(while i was eating)  then it took us a little bit to get out the door.  Mitch came home and she went with us.  We went to Walmart and Harmons.  At Walmart I got socks and underwear for Amoz and Jade (you know since i was sure Yesterday that i didn't forget anything.)  Plus Jade has been doing so well with going to the bathroom in the potty that I rewarded her with new "big girl panties" since i'd only brought one pair.  After we just went to Harmon's to get some groceries for my salad and other goodies we wanted  to make over the holiday.  When we got home we put the food away, I cleaned up my room and put clothes and things away, and went downstairs and played "no name game" with mom.  We quit early to make dinner since dad was on his way home.  I cleaned off and set the table, made a salad,  and cleaned up a bit.  Mitch went to dinner with some friends, Becca went to rockreation to rock climb with Scott, so it was just me the parentals and the kids.  It was a nice dinner.  After dinner I helped clean up and put away the food and dishes, it felt really good to help.  Dad played with the kids after dinner, and I'm pretty sure mom joined them after we were through cleaning up. 
   I came up stairs to check my email and heard voices, so I went downstairs thinking it was Scott but it was Mitch's friend Able, they came to get Mitch's swimming suit and go hot tubbing at Able's new apartment complex. 
   At bedtime I waited to get Isaiah on the phone for family prayer but he had a performance and so we said it with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was really hard after that to get the kids to stay in bed.  I wanted to read the scriptures with mom and dad but the kids just wouldn't settle down.  I separated them and it that worked for a little, long enough for mom and I to start a game of "no name" and were continually interupted by my adorable children telling me why they couldn't sleep.  (Now most of the time you don't want to remember the awful things you do, however in this case it's to remember things Amoz said.)  At one point I spanked Amoz and sent him back to bed but we got tangled and I hurt his arm which I apologized for.  As he went up the stairs to his room, he passed grandma and said he hurt his arm and he couldn't use it anymore (as he shook it up and down.) He told grandma it was broken forever.  (How cute is that)  He is so adorable.  
   Well anyways, 3 hrs. after starting bed time, I went to bed (11:30pm) and since the kids weren't cooperating I took Jade in with me and got ready for bed.   Amoz didn't like being along in the room, he wanted Jade, and then got kind of emotional and said he wanted to go home,  I reminded him how much fun he was having and told him it was just cause he didn't want to go to bed that he was acting this way and he said" It's because of Eclipse and Santiago that I want to go home"(and of course he misses his Daddy).  I loved him better and came back to my room to write in my Journal.  Jade was out after 20 min.  Amoz maybe 30min.  Either way, they're not taking naps tomorrow.   I'm not doing this night over 2 times in a row. lol... 
   So Good night and Sweet Dreams, whether night time or Day.  I'm putting my baby in her bed, calling my Sweetheart and getting some much needed rest.  Hasta manana! 

(i hope that's how you spell that, i don't know how to do the fancy n  on the computer.)