Live, Laugh, Love...

Live, Laugh, Love...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Playing Catch-up

   So, today was a busy day.  We were going nonstop from 8:30am to now.  (Not fun by the way) I hate feeling like I couldn't have fit anything else in, and always in a rush, even if there was no avoiding it.  It's maddening. 
   I haven't written for the last 3 days, and I'm feeling the repurcussions of my procrastination.  I want to tell you all about what happened, to give you the details that filled up each day, or even to just be able to share with you the lessons I've learned and my thoughts of the day.  
   I'm not really sure what happened on the 19th, my memory doesn't serve me well over a span of time without something significant to anchor it to.  I know that my sister Becca's friend (and family friend) Brian came over and visited, he has just come from canada on a one month vacation.  I'm not sure where it started, he lives in cali, so I assume it started there but not sure, and he ended up in Utah.  He didn't get in till like 2:00am Dec 20. So I got to meet him.  He was a funny dude, nice and a good sport about being beat up by my kids, and the weirdness that happens at the Riddle Home.(mostly when we're tired)  He had driven for a long time like 16 hrs. or something like that.  My parents let him crash at our house.  So nice of them huh? He ate with our family on Sunday and left a little after that to see family.   However, he didn't get in till like 2:00am Dec 20. Before that all I remember is going to the park with Mom, Dad, my kids, and Becca. Cold, but fun.

   Sunday, was amazing.  At church we had 2 wonderful lessons, and a lot of musical numbers during sacrament meeting.  I had my eyes opened and was humbled by the spirit that was in each meeting.  I want to go into more depth but i'll wait till tomorrow. (to keep things short) but the journal entry I write about that will not be a short one, (just a warning). 

   Today was the busy day.  I once again went to bed very late talking to Becca, and it was a good talk, even though it was cut short by brian's entrance. I'm glad I had the opportunity to sit and just go on and on about things and catch up.  It made me very happy, and very fulfilled, though I also felt great sorrow that she could not confide in me at the times she was having great hardship.  I hope that I can make myself more readily available to her if she needs someone. And that I can show her that I am always her sister first and nothing can change that.  I don't know if she is aware of how much I love and miss her, and long to have a better/closer relationship with her.  My sorrow is of my own doing though and it must be me to repent and start anew. 
   I got off topic, but anyways, My kids woke up every 45 min last night after my already late night I didn't get consistent sleep.  They were restless from exhaustion and not enough sleep.  So I was extra tired from that.  Then, Jade woke up early as usual, and said she was hundary, I sent her to see grandma, then my mom yelled up that she and Mitch were leaving to go to Ogden to get Mitch's stuff.  Right after that, Amoz woke up and was hungry as well, and wanted to watch a movie.  I got up gave them breakfast, and started a movie.  I had just sat down after the movie started when becca mom and michelle came home, and when mom found out becca had missed her dentist appointment she got upset at us for staying up so late that we would skip out on our commitments we'd made that day, or be lazy.  My mom and I had a difference of opinion on that note, but worked it out. 
   We went and saw her Decibelle performance at the church office building and Joseph Smith Memorial building.  The first one was really nice, the second one with my kids was kind of frustrating.  Thankfully my sisters were there and willing to help me out.  We took a long time to leave after the last performance.  Then we made a stop at a cooking supply store called Orson Gygi, but we were running late and had to run in and run out without being able to look around very much, we did that while becca and michelle went to becca's rescheduled dentist appointment.  Then we dropped off mom's friend that had ridden with us to their performance, and went home.  The kids took a cat nap in the car but woke up after taking them inside.  Then dad came home, mom got ready and went to the church with him so he could do an interview.  Before they came home I ordered Royal South Seas (south seas) and they picked it up and came home, we ate and mom made cinnamon rolls while she ate.  By the time we got done, Scott and Sarah arrived and ate some of the chinese food.  As soon as they started eating people started arriving for the Berrett Christmas party.  We had the party it was fun to play games, and see everyone.  I chatted with a lot of my cousins and Jade and Amoz were in heaven playing with all the kids.  Jade played and angel in the nativity and loved it. (especially her costume)  and Amoz got embarrassed and was ornery from no sleep so he threw a fit and wouldn't participate.  My dad had some people from the single's ward come and sing him carols, that was nice. We did the White elephant gifts and this year Mitch wrote a new story to go with it.  That was nice.  Then we had the goodies people brought and people started to leave. 
   I still had hard time getting the kids to bed, but scott helped tuck Amoz in and then couldn't remember his name, he asked my mom who that guy was that was sitting next to sarah, and after 2 guesses found out he meant scott, he said " the guy in the white shirt.... the big guy"  He must have been tired cause he never forgets names.  It was nice of him to help him get to bed. 
   I talked to mom for a bit before heading to bed myself, however, I only got ready for bed and in bed before I started journaling and then I talked to my Man on the phone a little,(I miss him so much, and think about him all the time).  So now I'm all caught up to the present, and am extra ready for bed.  I really need to start this earlier.  Sorry my entries are so long, I don't realize I have a lot to say till I'm done.  I also don't want to forget things so I put more detail than most people probably would, but that's okay right cause it's my journal.
   Hasta Luego